Red Rooster Prices & Menu Australia (May 2022) | frugal feeds
Red Rooster Prices & Menu Australia (May 2022) | frugal feeds

Red Rooster Prices & Menu Australia (May 2022) | frugal feeds

Red Rooster Prices & Menu Australia (May 2022) 1 This page contains the latest menu, price list and price data for Red Rooster ! Note: In-store prices to be updated. In-store prices are generally 20-30% higher than delivery prices. Looking for deals ? Check our Red Rooster Deals, Vouchers & Coupons page !

Roast Chicken

Menu Item Price
Whole Roast Chicken $17.49 (Delivery)
Half Roast Chicken $12.99 (Delivery)
Family Pack
Chicken Loaded Chips $5.00
$7.00 (Delivery)
Mac & Quarter $10.29 (Delivery)
Winter Family Bundle $28.00
$33.00 (Delivery)
Family Pack $28.00 (Delivery)
Mates Share Pack $33.00 (Delivery)
Reds Dippa and Drink Family Meal $40.99 (Delivery)
Chicken & Salad Family Meal $38.99 (Delivery)
Aussie Favourite $32.99 (Delivery)
Family Roast $39.99 (Delivery)
Big Value Feast $39.99 (Delivery)
Wholesome Roast $38.99 (Delivery)
Family Roast $39.99 (Delivery)
Classic Tropicana $16.99 (Delivery)
Classic Quarter $12.99 (Delivery)
Classic Roast $14.99 (Delivery)
Classic Half $14.99 (Delivery)

Burgers, Rolls & Wraps

Menu Item Price
Chicken Chips & Gravy Roll $10.49 (Delivery)
Fish Wrap $9.99 (Delivery)
Fish Roll $9.99 (Delivery)
Mac & Cheese Roll $10.79 (Delivery)
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll $10.49 (Delivery)
Chicken Cheese & Bacon Burger $7.49 (Delivery)
Flayva Wrap $9.49 (Delivery)
Rippa Roll $9.49 (Delivery)
Bacon & Cheese Rippa $10.49 (Delivery)
Rooster Roll $9.49 (Delivery)
Original Crispy Burger $9.49 (Delivery)
Cheeseburger $5.49 (Delivery)
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Crafted crop

Menu Item Price
Texas BBQ Wrap $10.49 (Delivery)
Texas BBQ Roll $10.49 (Delivery)
BLT Smash Wrap $10.49 (Delivery)
BLT Smash Roll $10.49 (Delivery)
Chilli Slaw Wrap $10.49 (Delivery)
Chilli Slaw Roll $10.49 (Delivery)

Mega Boxes

Menu Item Price
Chicken Mega Box $15.99 (Delivery)
Rippa Mega Box $17.89 (Delivery)
Legends Mega Box $14.99 (Delivery)

Fish Meals

Menu Item Price
Fish and Chips Family Feast $35.00 (Delivery)
Fish and Chips $10.00

Streets Ice Cream

Menu Item Price
Magnum Tub $9 (Delivery)
Streets Vanilla Cup
Vanilla Cornetto
Paddle Pop
Golden Gaytime
Magnum – Classic

Little Red’s Meals

Menu Item Price
Roast Drumstick Meal $8.49 (Delivery)
Cheeseburger Meal $8.49 (Delivery)
Nuggets/Cheesy Nuggets Meal $8.49 (Delivery)


Menu Item Price
Big Breakfast Roll
Bacon & Egg Burger
Bacon & Egg Wrap
Chicken Bacon & Egg Wrap
Hash Brown

Sides & Snacks

Menu Item Price
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake $4.49 (Delivery)
Vanilla Cheesecake $4.49 (Delivery)
Chip Dip $2.50 (Delivery)
Texas BBQ Saucy Wings $9 for 6 (Delivery)
Donut Dippas
Lamington Mousse
Salt & Vinegar Chicken Chippies
Mac & Cheese Bowl $10.29 (Delivery)
Roast Veg Medley $4.29 (Delivery)
Sweet Potato Chips $8.49 (Delivery)
Gooey Choc Cake $4.49 (Delivery)
Cheesey Bread Roll $8.50 for 4 (Delivery)
Red Rippas Box
Chicken Wings
Crunchy Slaw $4.99 (Delivery)
Sauces $0.50 (Delivery)
Potato Bites
Garden Salad $3.99 (Delivery)
Chips $5.49 (Delivery)
Peas $4.29 (Delivery)
Corn Cob $7.49 for 4 (Delivery)
Garlic Bread $3.99 (Delivery)
Gravy $3.79 (Delivery)
Mash & Gravy $4.29 (Delivery)
Cheesy Nuggets
Nuggets $5.49 for 6 (Delivery)
Pineapple Fritter $2.59 (Delivery)
Crispy Strip $2.59 (Delivery)
Apple Bites
Chocolate Mousse $4.49 (Delivery)
Lamb Roll
Lamb Loaded Chips
Chicken Chippies Dippas Box $10.99 (Delivery)

About Red Rooster Prices

This page features all the latest price information for all your darling crimson Rooster items ! If you want to know how much a Rippa Roll costs, or all the meal deals, the Red Rooster Prices page is for you ! Whether you ’ re looking for a token by itself or something in a value meal, this page is regularly updated.

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