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Relax at the Nirvana Spa in Miami

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The Nirvana Spa is named after the Buddhist concept of Nirvana, a state where one is free from individual existence and suffering. The spa is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation and is situated in Miami Beach. Visitors can experience traditional massages and a variety of body treatments, including Absolute Nirvana, Celestial Flotation, and Balneotherapy. You may also choose one of the traditional treatments, such as a Swedish massage, a facial, or a body wrap.

Absolute Nirvana

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, look no further than Absolute Nirvana spa in Bali. This tranquil environment is devoid of any electronics and is truly a haven of tranquility. Each room is private and offers privacy and a luxurious spa lounge to relax in between treatments. This Bali spa offers relaxation for both body and mind. Here, you’ll find a peaceful haven amidst all the chaos of modern life.

Nirvana Spa

Before you book a massage, make sure you ask about gift certificates. Gift certificates purchased prior to November 2020 will be honored until December 31, 2021. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay full price on your visit. The new owners of Absolute Nirvana Spa will honor the gift certificates until December 31, 2021. There’s plenty of parking for bicycles, too. There’s even a bike rack for safe storage.

The staff at Absolute Nirvana spa are experts in skin treatments. You can choose from a variety of treatments to achieve the results you’ve been looking for. Guests will also be able to choose from a variety of facials, including a deep tissue massage, as well as a hot stone massage. As a green facility, the spa is also environmentally friendly. Besides being eco-friendly, it also offers a reasonably priced option for a luxury spa experience. Treatments cost between $120 and $355 for 60 minutes. The spa also accepts major credit cards and street parking is available.

Celestial Flotation

The celestial floatation room is the highlight of the spa’s treatment menu. The 60 tonnes of Dead Sea salt contained in the pool provides the perfect temperature for floating in. You can float and gaze at the starry sky or simply enjoy the weightlessness of floating. No matter how you choose to experience your floatation, you’re guaranteed to enjoy complete serenity and escape from the outside world.

Nirvana Spa

Another benefit of celestial floatation is its combating of stress, the leading cause of disease and ill-health in the UK. The process reduces cortisol levels, a stress hormone. This is due to the presence of over 50 tonnes of Dead Sea salts in the water, which contains 21 essential minerals and trace elements. The calming effect of these minerals can reduce symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, as well as help relieve pain.

The benefits of celestial flotation at Nirvana Spa are numerous and extensive. Its award-winning wellness experience includes pure water, a thermal suite, and a spa garden. The spa boasts a large membership and an impressive list of services and products. The spa is a trusted name in the wellness industry and aims to provide the best experience to its clients. After all, they’re a multi-award-winning spa that has been helping people like you achieve the feeling of total well-being for years.

Balneotherapy Pool

The Nirvana Spa in Rome recently added a Balneotherapy Pool to the Colosseum Suite, a luxurious retreat. The building’s limited space made the pool an expensive addition, so the spa’s design team needed a new plant room to accommodate sand filtration. They decided to consult with Evoqua to determine the best solution. Here is what they discovered.

Existing 70w metal halide wall lamps proved problematic, as they would frequently fail and provide inconsistent light output. LED luminaires, on the other hand, have no such problems, and are capable of operating in high humidity and maintaining a consistent color temperature for several years. The Nirvana Spa chose Lumascape LS375LED fountain lights for the walls, which have an IP68 rating and a unique 470nm blue light spectrum.

Lighting is an essential part of a spa, and at Nirvana Spa, every detail is considered to create the perfect ambiance. The spa is open from early morning until late, so the lighting solution must be durable and efficient to maintain its ambiance. Neil Phelps, the spa’s owner, wanted to choose LED lighting for his spa that would last for several years while also being easy to maintain.

Nirvana Spa

The spa’s bespoke Balneotherapy Pool is a focal point in this serene sanctuary. With gentle jets and soothing water, this hydrotherapy pool is unlike any other in the UK. The spa also offers a walk-in saltwater rehabilitation pool, which is safe and comfortable for those with physical limitations. And because the pool is set in a spa, people who are physically handicapped can enjoy it, too.

Traditional Treatments

The Absolute Nirvana spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers an authentic Balinese experience. Located in the gardens of a beautiful 1886 Victorian Queen Anne building, it is only a few blocks from The Plaza. Traditional treatments are offered, from therapeutic massage to eastern-inspired facials. The spa features a custom-built granite tub. The ambiance at Absolute Nirvana is both soothing and rejuvenating.

The Nirvana Spa has a team of certified wellness professionals who use the finest products and techniques for facial massage. All spa therapists are experienced in spa wellness, and their top priority is to ensure that every client has a pleasurable experience. Traditional treatments at Nirvana spa include a range of luxurious facials. They restore the skin’s natural balance and minimize imperfections. Many of these treatments include the application of collagen-stimulating masks.

Clarins Products

Nirvana Spa

A day at the Clarins spa at Nirvana is a luxurious experience. The 16,145-square-foot spa includes a sauna, steam room, ice room, and seven treatment rooms. Clarins products are used in each treatment, and the facility features floating floor-to-ceiling curtains and a square skylight. In addition to Clarins products, the spa offers a variety of treatments, including facials, body scrubs, and mud masks.

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