The Place Where Winter Sleeps | Monster Hunter World Wiki
The Place Where Winter Sleeps | Monster Hunter World Wiki

The Place Where Winter Sleeps | Monster Hunter World Wiki

The Place Where Winter Sleeps is a Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW) .

As drawing card of this hunt, I ‘ve been granted agency to add newfangled recruits to our ranks. Our target is an incredibly ferocious Velkhana. Want a challenge ? then help us send it to its conclusion !

The Place Where Winter Sleeps Information

mhw-wiki-iceborne-master-rankNote and Tips

  • In this quest, Velkhana always starts in area 8 and sleeps(from low health) in area 8 with no wall bang possible.
  • This quest has a 30 minutes timer, making it harder to cheese the fight. Be prepared and have enough damage because Velkhana has a lot of health in this quest.
  • Velkhana has an anti-clutch claw mechanic. If a player clutch claws on Velkhana when there’s no opening, Velkhana will follow up with a charge attack which will pin the player to the ground. Having the Rocksteady Mantle will not prevent it and also result in getting pinned to the ground. Having the Temporal Mantle will not prevent it because the charge attack will consume the temporal mantle very quickly and thus also result in getting pinned to the ground. Use the clutch claw when there’s an opening when Velkhana is toppled or staggered, you can’t rely on mantles to safely clutchclaw.
  • AT Velkhana has an Aura system which makes her more powerful and resistant through the fight(see image below). Elderseal will prevent and lower the aura levels. So a weapon with Elderseal can be used to try to keep the aura level low, Fatalis weapons do a very good job with this.
  • AT Velkhana has a 360 degree frost breath nova that can’t be blocked, even with Guard Up. It can be avoided by evading or hugging Velkhana’s hind legs.
  • The Boulders in area 8 can be used to damage Velkhana if she’s below them.
  • Flashpods can be used to knock Velkhana down to the ground when she’s flying.
  • A lot of Velkhana attacks apply Ice Blight, Blight Resistance 2 or 3, or an ice resistance above 20 will help to negate it. Ice Blight can be dangerous by putting you very fast at low stamina and thus preventing the player to roll/dodge. 
  • Resuscitate will negate Ice Blight’s effect.
  • Evade Window is very useful because a lot of Velkhana attacks can be i-framed, it will help to roll through ice beams. Divine Blessing can prevent deaths and one-shots, making survivability easier.
  • Safeguard, Insurance and Moxie are good canteen skills to survive the fight longer. Elemental Res Up can help to get 20 Ice resistance and very slightly reduce damage from ice attacks.
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mhw-wiki-iceborne-master-rankQuest Rewards


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