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The Rollo Thermal Printer

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There are many options available for Rollo Thermal Printer in your business, and the Rollo X1038 is a great option. This printer works with all types of thermal direct labels, including UPS and FreeX WiFi. It dispenses labels at a high speed and is compatible with all modern operating systems. If you’re unsure which printer is right for you, read this article to get an idea of what they’re all about.

rollo thermal printer

Dymo 4XL

The Dymo 4XL rollo thermal printer is a good choice if you are looking for a thermal printer that’s fast and easy to use. Its clamshell design is both convenient and space-saving. Labels are held in place inside the shell instead of being inserted into the printer’s rollers. The notch on the left side of the printer helps the printer detect the ends of the labels.

The 4XL Rollo thermal printer is designed for large-sized label rolls and fanfold labels. Its dual sensors detect gaps between labels and waxy paper and can accommodate both types of labels. It can also use labels from third-party suppliers, but these labels are more expensive and won’t be compatible with this printer. The printer’s proprietary notch makes it easier to print with these labels. But be warned: if you use other brand labels with the printer, you’ll void your warranty.

Although both the Rollo and the Dymo 4XL work with Windows and Mac, they are not compatible with Linux or Raspberry Pi. While Windows and Mac are the most popular operating systems, manufacturers typically make their printers compatible with these two platforms. Linux users should consider the Rollo if they are using the Linus operating system. The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that can be programmed to become a wireless print server. It is easy to interface with the Raspberry Pi, but the Dymo printer requires you to download additional software for it to work properly.

FreeX WiFi

The FreeX WiFi for rollo thermal printer is a great tool for shipping labels. It is white and compatible with the most popular roll label printers from Zebra, Brother, and Dymo. It also works with other brands including Munbyn, MF label, Comer, and more. It is also available at a significant shipping cost discount. When you purchase the FreeX WiFi, make sure to read the Quick Start guide to learn how to install the printer.

The FreeX printer is capable of printing on virtually any thermal paper label, from 0.78 to 4.1 inches wide. It automatically recognized the ends of the label and adjusted its feed accordingly. Although there are no label creation apps included with the printer, it is compatible with a wide variety of roll labels. The printer’s software package includes Windows and macOS print drivers, as well as a Wi-Fi setup utility. The manufacturer plans to release free-label apps for iOS and Android in the future.

The FreeX Wireless SuperRoll Thermal Printer is a new product on the market. It has a lot of game-changing features that make it a compelling alternative to the Rollo thermal printer. The FreeX is an all-in-one device with a super-roll label holder that holds up to 600 4×6 labels. This printer eliminates the need for a separate label holder, which is another benefit of FreeX.


The MUNBYN rollo thermal printer is an outstanding option for shipping labels. This printer does not require toner or cartridges and uses a wax-based color sheet that transfers color to the label when heated. This technology reduces the amount of time it takes to dry, reducing the chances of smears. This printer is compatible with Windows and macOS, but it is not mobile-compatible. The MUNBYN rollo thermal printer is capable of printing labels of any size.

The Munbyn thermal label printer is compatible with most shipping platforms. The device comes with a power cord and USB cable, a user manual, and 10 test labels. Compatible with most shipping platforms, the Munbyn rollo thermal printer works well for labels on Amazon, Poshmark, FedEx, Shipstation, Shippo, Shipwire, and Shipworks. For added convenience, the Munbyn rollo thermal printer has a built-in label cutter that automatically feeds the labels into the printer.

The MUNBYN rollo thermal printer offers a range of features and is among the fastest in the market. This printer can print labels at speeds of 150 mm/s and is BPA and BPS-free. You can adjust the print width to 2 inches to accommodate different print sizes. It can also be used for shipping internationally and is suitable for use with most thermal printers. A thermal printer does not require ribbons or ink.

Dymo X1038 Vs Rollo X1038

If you’re in the market for a new thermal label printer, you’ve probably already been thinking about purchasing a Rollo X1038 or a Dymo Y1038 thermal printer. These two thermal printers are similar in many ways, but one key difference is the price. The Rollo costs 75% less than the Dymo, making it a great entry-level choice. Both models feature a convenient rectangular shape, and both use a roll feed mechanism. The only downside to the Rollo is the lack of a built-in roll holder, which adds an extra 30 dollars to the total cost. Additionally, the Rollo uses fanfold labels, which will make it more suitable for smaller businesses.

rollo thermal printer

As for the printer’s compatibility with a variety of operating systems, the Rollo is more versatile. It can connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and is also compatible with Linux and Raspberry Pi. While neither model is mobile-ready, it’s enough for a start-up. Besides, the printer is compatible with most online sites, while the competing brands require apps.


The Thermal Direct Label Printer is a fast and efficient way to dispense labels. Compatible with UPS and Thermal Direct Label, this printer prints labels at lightning speed. It also runs on all current operating systems. For a thermal printer, the price of a Rollo model depends on the features and capacity of the printer. You can learn more about the Rollo thermal printer price here. Also, learn how to use this printer and save money by purchasing one that is compatible with UPS and Thermal Direct Label.

The Rollo X1038 is a compact printer that works with all shipping solutions, making it one of the most affordable options. If you’re looking for a large and powerful thermal printer, the ZT series will be more than enough. The ZT series will cost you twice as much as a GC/GK-series Zebra thermal printer, but it’s still the most capable. For those looking for a high-quality printer that can print up to six-inch labels in seconds, the ZT series will be well worth the cost.

When comparing Rollo printer prices with Dymo 4XL thermal printer prices, the Rollo is a better value. It costs 75% less than the Dymo 4XL and offers similar features for half the price. Its rectangular shape and convenient feed mechanism make it a great entry-level thermal printer. However, you will have to buy a roll holder, which adds another thirty dollars to the price. Furthermore, the printer works with fanfold labels, which is the most common type.

Lifespan of Labels

The life of a label can be determined by the manufacturer. Many printers are compatible with thermal labels. In addition to thermal paper, you can also purchase conventional labels and tapes to fit them. The difference between these two types of labels is in their durability. Traditional printers can only handle label sheets that are 30 inches high. Thermal paper, on the other hand, is 30 inches wide and is able to handle higher pressure. The print head heats up the paper and a chemical reaction takes place. The result is the image is transferred onto the paper. In addition to the durability of thermal paper, a rollo thermal printer does not require ribbons, toner, or ribbons. These printers are compatible with desktop and industrial printers alike.

The printhead of a rollo thermal printer works with all 4×6 labels. However, some manufacturers require proprietary labels. Other thermal printers require labels with special notches. In addition, certain materials and environments contribute to residue buildup. A lint-free cloth is ideal for cleaning the printhead. You should always keep in mind that a dirty cloth can cause more damage to your printer than a clean one.


To install the Rollo thermal printer on your Mac, you must first download the latest driver for your Mac. Once downloaded, you need to connect the printer to a power source. Once connected, you will need to open the installation guide and double click the pkg installer to install the printer. When the installation is complete, you will need to open the printer settings on your Mac. Click Add Printer or Scanner in the System Preferences window. The Rollo printer should appear in the list. If it isn’t listed, click on it and choose the name of your printer. If you want to print different size labels, you can increase the density by one.

If you’re having trouble installing the driver, you may need to visit the manufacturer’s website to get a copy of the driver. This will ensure that your printer is compatible with your computer. Installing the driver should be a straightforward process, though many people have complained that the download process is time-consuming. In addition, you may need to run the driver for other printers in the same system. If this is not the case, you may need to download the driver manually.

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