What is an SEO Audit? | How to Perform an SEO Audit – Bold Orange
What is an SEO Audit? | How to Perform an SEO Audit – Bold Orange

What is an SEO Audit? | How to Perform an SEO Audit – Bold Orange

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the march of analyzing how well your web presence relates to best practices – it is the first base dance step to creating an implementation design that will have measurable results .
The function of the audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. The SEO audit will reveal :

  • Technical SEO issues
  • Website structure issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Potential off-site problems
  • User experience issues
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive marketplace insights

An audit is a standard procedure that should occur on a regular basis – It is basically a “ health check ” for your web site .

What an SEO Audit Should Be:

first and first, an audit should be comprehensive. It should cover both morphologic and content components affecting your SEO visibility. It should provide a “ big picture ” scene of what is happening in your current state of matter. Any neglect pieces could result in unnecessary or improper recommendations.

Your audit should be easy to understand. As a business owner, you should be able to connect the dots as to how SEO issues are affecting your on-line priorities, goals, or gross. Any and all recommendations should intelligibly ladder up to your overarching business objectives .
last, your SEO audit recommendations should be actionable. There should be a clear path to completion ; prioritized with projected impact and feat associated with each recommendation. The end product of any SEO audit should accurately convey an easy-to-follow roadmap .

What an SEO Audit Should Not Be:

An SEO audit should not be rushed. It merely takes time to uncover root causes of the issues affecting your on-line health. Depending on the size of your site, a proper audit can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to complete. due diligence is required when making major changes to any web site, and an SEO specialist must conduct a exhaustive probe to make accurate, impactful recommendations .
An SEO audit should not be “ one size fits all ”. While some technical elements are required for all websites, a situational analysis should be performed at the beginning of an SEO audit to hone in on areas of focus for that site .

  • How many 301 (moved permanently) are found on the site?
  • How many 302 (moved temporarily) are found on the site?
  • How many 401’s?
  • How many 403’s?
  • How many 404’s?
  • How many 5xx?
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What Is Analyzed in an SEO audit :

While SEO audited account may vary slenderly, each one should analyze basic technical SEO “ postpone stakes ” such as sitemaps, waiter errors, and metadata. At a high level, an audited account should cover off on handiness, indexation, and optimization.

In an SEO audit at Bold Orange, our experts analyze over 193 different SEO elements across the following categories :

  • Technical Audit
    • Indexation analysis
    • Status Codes
    • Redirects
    • Page Speed
    • URL Structure
    • Robots.txt
    • XML Sitemap
    • Canonical Tags
    • Duplication
    • Crawlability
    • Legacy Domain Issues
    • Off-page Analysis
    • Mobile SEO analysis
    • International SEO analysis
  • On-Page Audit
    • Site Content Structure
    • Keyword Research
    • Page Copy Theme Analysis
    • Keyword Use
    • Meta Data Analysis (Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags)
    • Schema
    • User Experience
    • Images & Video
    • Internal Linking & HTML Sitemap
  • Server Log Audit
    • Crawl Budget Analysis
    • User Agent Analysis

The information captured during the auditing action allows our team to make accurate, impactful recommendations for your specific web site and situation .

What to Expect During and After an SEO audit :

As previously mentioned, an SEO audit can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. During this time an SEO specialist is analyzing and uncovering SEO opportunities on your web site. however, bi-weekly or hebdomadally check-ins keep you and your team in the loop as to the advance.
In any given web site audit, there are a few low-hanging opportunities discovered. When these types of insights are unearth, our team will pass them along justly off. This provides an opportunity to recover visibility while the remainder of the audit is carried out .
After the audit has been completed, your team will be invited to a display in which your SEO specialist will talk through the findings and recommendations. The Bold Orange SEO team will walk you and your team through the roadmap to completion so you know what to expect and when. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your site ’ south health. All of these are customized to you and your specific position.

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Why It’s Important to Audit Your Website on a Regular Basis:

Your web site is the “ hub ” of your on-line post – so, it ’ mho crucial to have regular checkups to ensure everything is in order. It ’ s besides significant to note that your web site is a exist digital property, it ’ s typically not stagnant for farseeing periods of time. In any given year, subject is added and/or removed from your site. It is for this rationality that audits should occur on a regular basis. We recommend that websites be audited a minimal of once per class. That allows your teams to fix critical issues as they arise .
There are other parts of SEO which you should pay attention to after your audited account to make certain you stay competitive. After all, the technical foundation garment international relations and security network ’ t the end of the road for SEO success. It ’ sulfur important to pay attention to your competition ’ randomness SEO activity, keep an eye on the newest search engine best practices, and maintain local SEO best practices if your clientele depends on customers visiting a physical address. All of these are elements of a successful SEO scheme and should be a corollary to your audited account and ongoing SEO alimony .

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