How To: Connect to Shaw Go WiFi as a Shaw Mobile Customer
How To: Connect to Shaw Go WiFi as a Shaw Mobile Customer

How To: Connect to Shaw Go WiFi as a Shaw Mobile Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shaw Go WiFi use any of my mobile rate plan data allowance or affect my monthly Shaw Mobile usage?
No, Shaw Go WiFi practice is not counted towards your mobile rate plan data limits. If you ’ re in a Shaw Go WiFi area, make certain your wireless local area network is turned on to save on mobile data.

How many phones and devices can I connect to Shaw Go WiFi?
Every active Shaw Mobile device on your report includes no-charge access to the Shaw Go WiFi network, including devices not purchased directly from Shaw ( BYOD ).

Why is my Shaw Go WiFi internet speed slow?
Your outdistance from the nearest hot spot and how many people are connected to the lapp hot spot at the like fourth dimension may affect your connection accelerate.

Can I use Shaw Go WiFi on my tablet?
Yes, deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as your compatible tablet has a Shaw Mobile SIM with active service, it will have access to Shaw Go WiFi hotspots.

I am also a Shaw Internet customer, does my Shaw Mobile device count towards my Shaw Go WiFi device limit?
No, your Shaw Mobile device does not count towards your device limit. For an optimum experience we would suggest not registering your Shaw Mobile device using the sign-up march required for Shaw Internet customers. rather, Shaw Mobile devices should connect using our easy auto-connection capabilities for the ShawPasspoint and ShawMobileHotspot networks.

Can I access Shaw Go WiFi on other devices besides those with active Shaw Mobile service?
only Shaw Mobile devices with active service can be used on the Shaw Go WiFi network. If you are besides a Shaw Internet customer, you can sign-up extra devices to access Shaw Go WiFi.

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What is ShawOpen and why can’t I connect to it?
ShawOpen is an extra Shaw Go WiFi network that is only available to eligible Shaw Internet customers. Shaw Mobile customers should not connect to this network for an optimum have.

How fast is the Shaw Go WiFi hotspot service?
Shaw Go WiFi speeds are dependent on your device, available bandwidth, distance from a hot spot and early factors sol will vary. We strive to deliver WiFi speeds that are alike to our cellular network.

Is Shaw Go WiFi included in my service?
Shaw Go WiFi service is included at no extra charge for every active Shaw Mobile device on your report.

Can I stop the automatic connection to Shaw Go WiFi?
If you would like to stop car connecting to ShawPasspoint or ShawMobileHotspot, follow the steps below :

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi.
  3. Select ShawPasspoint or ShawMobileHotspot.
  4. Turn off Auto reconnect or Auto-join.
  5. Toggle WiFi Off.
  6. Toggle WiFi On.

Your device will now no longer re-connect. If you wish to reverse this, just follow the like steps and re-enable Auto reconnect or Auto-join .
Note : Some devices may merely show the option to Forget the network. If you choose this, you may permanently remove access to Shaw Go WiFi .

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