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Smart Assessor – Working on The Move

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Smart Assessor has been developed to help people work on the move. It allows you to create assessments and evidence without the need to be connected to the internet. You can even use photos and videos to demonstrate your competence. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Read on for more information. You can also use the app offline for mobile or remote working. Regardless of where you are, you can easily access your evidence, create a portfolio, and map evidence into your profile.

Learners Are Added to Smart Assessor Via Unite (Student Records)

If you are adding students to your course, they must be added to the student records in UnitE. You will need to provide the full name of the awarding body or EQA when adding a student. If a learner has a mix of different curriculums, you must add them to the student records in UnitE. You will need to enter their full name and other details as required.

Smart Assesso

They Can Add Evidence

If you’re a SMART assessor, you’ve probably noticed that you can add evidence to previous courses. When you add evidence from previous courses to your portfolio, the evidence will be visible in your Evidence library. It will be automatically added to a page, and any feedback you provide is stored in its context. Using this feature, you can easily add new evidence to previous assessments. The best part is that you can also copy and paste evidence, and update it before submitting it to an assessor.

They Can Participate in Competitions

For a chance to win money and recognition, Smart assessors can enter competitions to develop new applications. The Biomedical Catalyst competition funds innovative healthcare solutions. It is looking for assessors with expertise in digital healthcare and biomedical sciences. The Health and Life Sciences competition funds business-led innovation projects. The winning application will receive funding of up to £2 million. Smart assessors can participate in competitions to win money and recognition.

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They Can Map Evidence Into Their Portfolio

The Smart Assessor software allows e-portfolio developers to integrate the use of virtual web conference rooms. Smart Rooms allow you to engage with learners virtually, record audio and have professional discussions. These sessions are valuable for building e-portfolios and can be used to map evidence into a portfolio. They are a great tool to support learning by reducing travel time and promoting rich experiences.

The smart assessor also includes a dynamic feedback tool that gives specific feedback on evidence that is uploaded by learners. You can also use the Smart Annotator to record and link relevant feedback to resources. Smart assessors can also support the delivery of Functional Skills and apprenticeships. The tool allows learners and assessors to collaborate on their learning and can map evidence into their portfolios. There are many benefits to using the Smart Assessor in this way.

The SmartEvidence framework can be used by any user in the institution or as an individual. Any user can create a collection by selecting a framework on the Collection edit screen. A new collection can be created by clicking on the New collection button and providing a title and description. The user does not have access to a visual editor, but they can choose the framework they want to use. Creating an evidence collection is easy and intuitive.

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E-portfolio tools provide a springboard for innovative assessment approaches. For example, the City of Glasgow has an employability-focused e-portfolio for stonemasonry apprentices. The University of Edinburgh is exploring the use of e-portfolios in a student-led course. And the use of e-portfolios for certification is only one of the many benefits of using e-portfolios. The portfolio can be used for certification and learning and can help a student with dual work/study commitments.

Employers Can Access A Learner Dashboard

With the introduction of Smart Assessor, employers can now track learner progress through an employer dashboard. The dashboard contains information such as how many units a learner has completed, the number of sessions booked, and a red box around the session number. The progress bar is visible to all users and can be customized in color. A learner dashboard is a powerful tool for employers, allowing them to see what their learners are working on, and provide them with support if necessary.

Assigning p.c.’s automatically references evidence that a learner uploads to a task. The smart assessor is positioned to revolutionize the QCF e-portfolio software market. In recent weeks, Smart Assessor has added 12 new clients and implemented some key changes in its technology. The entrepreneurial start-up believes that the next opportunity will be among 2011 summer school leavers.

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