Snap Ships – Build to Battle Review – The Board Game Family
Snap Ships – Build to Battle Review – The Board Game Family

Snap Ships – Build to Battle Review – The Board Game Family

Snap Ships

world is under attack from an alien threat… Do you have what it takes to “ Build to Battle ” ?

Snap Ships Review

Snap Ships – Build to Battle is a cagey modular building toy from Play Monster, who is besides known for toys like Automoblox and Marbleocity and board games like Island of El Dorado, Farkle, Set, and the authoritative Stratego .
The most beloved and celebrated modular construction system in the populace has to be is LEGO build up blocks. I have loved LEGO most of my life and to this day even spend time with my kids playing and construction with them. I love how you can make anything your imagination can come up with and with the different types of blocks available, you can !

Snap Ships are like to LEGO but with beautifully sculpted spacecraft parts. At the core there are square blocks that snap together making up the base structure, you then add the different parts to create the perfect ship. From cockpits to laser cannons to fuel tanks there are all the different components you would expect .
Each model comes with two to three different building instructions, but with your resource, there ’ s no limit to the number of unlike designs you can come up with. Add that to the fact you can mix and match sets and you can keep busy for quite some time .
My kids have made tons of different designs with the two sets we got – the Sabre XF-Interceptor and the Scarab K.L.A.W. Interceptor. We former added the Locust K.L.A.W. Stealth Craft as a birthday endow for my six year-old, who loves these toys .
Snap Ships
Snap Ships
There are two different factions, The Forge and the Komplex and each comes with six different ships :
The Forge:

  • Lance SV-51 Scout
  • Scythe AV-19 Tank
  • Sabre XF-Interceptor
  • trident ST-33 Gunship
  • Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship
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The Komplex:

  • Locust K.L.A.W. Stealth craft
  • Sawfly K.L.A.W. Minelayer
  • Scarab K.L.A.W. Interceptor
  • Scorpion K.L.A.W. Troop Dropper
  • There is also a special pack that comes with the Wasp K.L.A.W. Heavy Fighter and Flax SC-41 Escort.

In addition to the forcible dally, Snap Ships besides has a youtube serial that chronicles the battle between the Forge and the Komplex. You can find it at Dawn of Battle Youtube serial – hypertext transfer protocol : // # video recording. There is besides an interactional App at hypertext transfer protocol : // # our_app. From there you can watch the series, play the bet on, and find building instructions .


Overall the quality is very good. Some of the connections can get a fiddling at large, but that ’ s the exception, not the rule. My individual charge is the UJU technology ( guns you can add on that actually fire ) which comes with each set. Both of ours broke after the first couple of times shooting them .
The packaging is very cool, the tops can be used as root plates so you can have a decent collector’s item for your desk. When you first get the sets they come in in truth nice poly shrivel inserts. however, after one looseness it ’ s baffling getting all the parts rear in like they came out. I ended up tossing mine and using a resealable bag to store them in .
Snap Ships
Each specify besides comes with a cool micro number that can fit in the cockpit of the transport, however they are very small so keep an eye on them so they don ’ metric ton contract lost .

Can the whole family enjoy Snap Ships?

For me, Snap Ships is a hit !
It nails all the major plaything needs including build, imagination, and replayability. The quality is decent and there is a draw of excess material that goes along with them. My kids besides truly love them .
My thirteen year-old thinks they ’ re a bright theme. The organization works well and the joyride, that comes with the sets, is identical handy. He besides loves all the different build up options and how cool they look once made .
My 11 year-old loves the endless possibilities on what you can make. He besides likes the custom-made pieces that make the transport parts. He loves the effect system of shaping the ships with linking blocks and is besides a collector of things and loves that there are sol many sets he can get .
My 8 year-old very enjoyed the dateless construct possibilities as well. He came up with dozens of designs which you can see in the images below. He found the instructions identical easy to follow and can put together the sets in minutes .
My 6 year-old loves to build and go on adventures with them ! He isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate much on words. 😀
All-in-all a great paroxysm for the whole family and I would recommend you pick these up if you have building play, space fans in the firm .

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