Has Anyone Been Banned from Steve Hoffman Forums? – Audio MAV
Has Anyone Been Banned from Steve Hoffman Forums? – Audio MAV

Has Anyone Been Banned from Steve Hoffman Forums? – Audio MAV

Steve Hoffman is a mastering engineer. You ’ ve probable heard his cultivate with The Who, Buddy Holly, and many others. After spending several years working on album reissues and direct mastering, Hoffman decided to become an influencer in the audiophile earth. When Hoffman works on an album, you don ’ t need to have an expensive system available at home to hear the difference. One of his best efforts is the Highway 61 Revisited album by Bob Dylan.

It sounds like you ’ re right there in the studio with Dylan while he ’ second recording the music .

Has Anyone Been Banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?

Indeed, since 2014, several members have complained about getting banned from Steve Hoffman forums for no apparent reason. Since it is a personal site, there is a reputation that any dissenting information gets eliminated or the user prevented from posting. The stories of having people get banned from the forum rate from not participating to opening a new score with a different e-mail address. You can get removed for having multiple memberships, flush under early profiles. Although some of the discussion groups are utilitarian, it would be more accurate to call the site an “ anti-forum. ” After Hoffman and a forum member had a falling out in 2003, the consequence was nothing compared to the time when Ken Scott and two MFSL engineers were banned for calling out inaccurate data getting posted. That event in 2008 causes several members to get removed in the aftermath of protests that occurred on the forum after those events. It got even worse when Kevin Gray, his long-time technology company, received the ban hammer a year late. That meter was besides when the remastering exploit he was doing took a hit, experiencing more research and technical issues than in previous releases. That combination of factors led to a considerable enough hubbub that Hoffman left his forum for some clock. What makes Hoffman such a controversial figure today is that he not only bans members, but he besides spreads inaccurate information about significant music-related subjects. many of the facts he offers have no way to get verified by the average person, but anyone who questions the outcomes runs the hazard of getting banned. evening with those electric potential difficulties, the Steve Hoffman forums are a fantastic information resource that you can ’ thymine find anywhere else. The daily topics are lighthearted and absurd, but the data exchange is still deserving considering .

What Are the Forum Policies, Terms of Use, and Rules?

When you ’ re on the Steve Hoffman music forums, the site has published respective guidelines that they expect members to follow. If you participate in the forum for any reason, your impart is considered an adoption of the rules, terms of use, and general policies. Since some of these items are assailable to rendition from the moderator or quality assurance evaluator, their opinion of the demeanor in question is what matters. even if your captive wasn ’ thymine to violate the rules ( or it seems like your behave DOESN ’ T go against the guidelines ), those behind the Steven Hoffman forums have the final say concerning your membership. here are the categories offered by their policies page and the issues that could cause person to get banned .

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◼️ List of Unacceptable Behaviors According to the Steve Hoffman Forums

  • Calling other people names, personal attacks, or what moderators deem to be harassment.
  • Questioning the actions of a moderator, either privately or publicly.
  • Thread-crapping, which is defined here as an opinion directly opposed to the topic getting discussed.
  • Posting content or updates with the deliberate intent to antagonize other people.
  • Sending product mentions or unsolicited links to other people.
  • Pitting staff members against each other or attempting to circumnavigate the moderation team.
  • Baiting and retaliation.
  • Contacting a staff member privately instead of using the reporting system on the website.

The bottom line here is that the list of unacceptable behaviors is clear to enough interpretation that a member can get banned for about anything. even if you post something on sociable media, if a moderator sees it and takes offense, your account could get the ban malleus. That ’ randomness why it can be a challenge to remain active on the Steve Hoffman forums .

◼️ List of Unacceptable Content for Messages and Posts

  • Anything considered profanity in any language, including attempts that work to circumvent the website’s filtering feature. This point includes substituted letters, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Negative posts that denounce, ridicule, or express hate toward the discussed topic.
  • Anything considered nudity, pornography, or obscenity, including videos that contain profanity.
  • Racial or ethnic slurs, including xenophobic comments in discussions or debates.
  • Posting the personal location or contact information of members, including people outside of the forum, with or without the intent to cause harm.
  • Using copyrighted materials, including photos or links from other sites.
  • Posting a link to any website that violates the forum rules.
  • Reviving an old thread.
  • Replying to a post only using videos, memes, GIFs, or images.
  • Posting content that the website deems to be industry sensitive.
  • Items that fit into the forum’s list of inappropriate topics.
  • Your posted location must be valid and actual. “Your listed location must be found on Google Maps or equivalent.”

What are the unacceptable topics that the Steve Hoffman forums don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want members discussing ?

The first and most embrace is called “ politics. ” The terms and conditions specifically include any topic that could turn political, including climate variety. You ’ re not allowed to provide religious references or talk about religion on the forum. Ethnic, racial, and social issues are considered inappropriate topics, including movements or protests. The locate will besides issue the prohibition hammer to accounts that criticize forum policies or administrative issues. even if person thinks that your contribution is “ low attempt, ” you run the gamble of receiving a admonitory or an outright ban for your capacity. What does this bastardly for members ? Unless you can have a critical discussion based on your have, your posts can not criticize anything or anyone constructively. even if you follow that rule to the letter, your feel could fall into an “ industry sensitive ” class that gets you banned anyhow .

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The Problem Is the Hypocrisy with the Steve Hoffman Forums

Steve Hoffman once posted on his forum that he hated name-dropping because it makes him feel uncomfortable. When you look over his different Facebook and forum posts, the only things you see are name drops about the celebrities he ’ mho met or worked with over the years. You can see him telling stories about meeting John Lennon, being intimate with Juice Newton, or calling Kurt Cobain an artist with a death wish. It should be noted that his post about Newton violates his own terms and conditions. The like could be said about his description of meet Michael Jackson. What is most interest about the Steve Hoffman forum is the rule against using windsock puppets, even though he ’ s celebrated for creating John Oteri ( who had over 1,500 forum posts ). He was retired in 2007 after talking about everything from Star Trek to meeting Rodney Dangerfield with Hoffman in 1972. Another sock puppet was AudioGirl, who would often make supercilious remarks when interacting with forum members who were critical of Hoffman. Some people thought the account might belong to his spouse, particularly since the profile seemed to have moderator privileges. Although StereoCentral.tv had an active forum for over a ten, it is no longer present there. You can find it now at stereocentral.freeforums.net. Before the web site was taken down, you could see a direct correlation between Hoffman ’ s references to his “ good friend John ” and outing the sock puppet account. Oteri rarely gets a citation today, except for in experimental posts like this one .

What Can I Do If I Disagree with the Forum’s Rules?

If you don ’ metric ton want to abide by the Steve Hoffman forum rules, your only option is not to access the web site. When you create a profile and post something, you agree to all of the information on the web site ’ s terms and conditions. That includes the surveil line found in the “ very well print ” section of the rules. “ Staff reserves the correctly to make a judgment call into what is acceptable and will take appropriate action as needed to deal with these situations. ” If you prefer to avoid the hassle of a likely ban hammer threat at the Steve Hoffman forums, some other audiophile destinations are deserving considering. I highly recommend reviewing Stereophile ’ s forum for concern information about headphones and speakers. The Frugal Audiophile Forum is another front-runner because it lets you find some of the most low-cost equipment out there today that improves your listening experience.

A few other choices include AVS Forum, Audioholics, and TechTalk from Parts Express. full disclosure : it didn ’ t take me farseeing to get banned from the Steve Hoffman forums. I once questioned why flat transfers were his preference in a mastering-related post & that ’ mho all it took. It was my first station !

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