Sealink Passenger and Vehicle Ferries
Sealink Passenger and Vehicle Ferries

Sealink Passenger and Vehicle Ferries

Please note : Stradbroke Flyer & Sealink are 2 different companies that operate a water cab and passenger & vehicle ferry services from Toondah Harbour, Cleveland, Brisbane to Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island .
Stradbroke Flyer water taxi docks on the island at One Mile Jetty, Yabby St, Dunwich and Sealink Ferries docks on the island at the pontoon, Junner St, Dunwich .
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Bookings are highly recommended for vehicular travel to or from north Stradbroke Island. Contact immediately to bible .
When Does SeaLink Stradbroke Island Operate?

SeaLink are open for clientele 7 days a workweek, 365 days a year, with reserve offices located at 12 Emmett Drive, Cleveland, Brisbane on the mainland, and Junner Street, Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island .

What Special Offers Are On?
To find out what stream specials and offers are available check the connection below .
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What Is the SeaLink vehicle ferry timetable?

effective from 10th June 2019

Monday to Sunday (Including Public Holidays)
Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich
6:00am (M) 7:00am (M)
7:00am (SB) 8:00am (SB)
8:00am (M) 9:00am (M)
9:00am (SB) 10:00am (SB)
10:30am (M) 11:30am (M)
11:30am (SB) 12:30pm (SB)
12:30pm (M) 1:30pm (M)
1:30pm (SB) 2:30pm (SB)
3:00pm (M) 4:00pm (M)
4:00pm (SB) 5:00pm (SB)
5:00pm (M) 6:00pm (M)
Friday & Sunday (as above + extra trips)
6:00pm (M) 7:00pm (M)
Friday only (as above + extra trip)
7:30pm (M) 8:30pm (M)

Trip time: 45 – 50 minutes

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( SB ) = Sea Breeze
( M ) = Minjerribah
Both vehicle ferries are both fully air-conditioned and have a licensed cafe on control panel. The Minjerribah has lift access to the on board cafe .
Timetables and vessels are subject to change without notice .
Please see for Christmas Day timetable .

What Is the SeaLink passenger ferry timetable?

effective from 12th September 2020

Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich
4:55am (C) 5:25am
5:55am (C) 6:25am
6:55am (C) 7:25am (PL) 6.55am (C) 7.25am (PL)
7:55am (C) 8:25am (PL) 7:55am (C) 8:25am (PL)
8:55am (C) 9:25am (PL) 8:55am (C) 9:25am (PL)
9:55am (C) 10:25am (PL) 9:55am (C) 10:25am (PL)
10:55am (C) 11:25am (PL) 10:55am (C) 11:25am (PL)
11:55am (C) 12:25pm (PL) 11:55am (C) 12:25pm (PL)
12:55pm (C) 1:25pm (PL) 12:55pm (C) 1:25pm (PL)
1:55pm (C) 2:25pm (PL) 1:55pm (C) 2:25pm (PL)
3:25pm (C) 3:55pm (PL) 3:25pm (C) 3:55pm (PL)
4:25pm (C) 4:55pm (PL) 4:25pm (C) 4:55pm (PL)
5:25pm (C) 5:55pm (PL) 5:25pm (C) 5:55pm (PL)
6:25pm (C) 6.55pm (PL) 6:25pm (C) 6:55pm (PL)

There are two passenger ferry / water taxi services operating to North Stradbroke Island, the SeaLink terminal is the second location at Cleveland and at Dunwich.
All Straddie Flyer information on water taxi timetable can be found here .


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