Getting to Stradbroke Island | Straddie Sales
Getting to Stradbroke Island | Straddie Sales

Getting to Stradbroke Island | Straddie Sales

Getting to Stradbroke Island – and Getting Around

For a vacation that ticks all the good boxes, there ‘s nowhere quite like North Stradbroke Island. Straddie is a natural smasher, and one of Queensland ‘s concealed gems. not only does it boast a fabulous laidback standard atmosphere, stunning beaches and plenty to fill your days, it ‘s besides good a hop, skip and a jumpstart from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, with comfortable access by plane, car, aim and then ferry. Wherever you ‘re heading from across Australia, you ‘ll find Stradbroke within easily compass .

By Plane

Getting to Stradbroke Island is a cinch by plane. It ‘s good an hour ‘s drive from both the Gold Coast and Brisbane airports to the pretty seaside town of Cleveland. Join the ferry at Cleveland ‘s Toondah Harbour for the short travel across to beautiful Stradbroke Island. You might take a hire cable car from the airport direct to Cleveland, or you can hop on a bus topology or discipline from the airport to Brisbane, and switch for another discipline to the coast .

Train and Bus

Travelling by string ? From Brisbane, buy a ticket and read/write head south east to Cleveland Station, where you can board a local busbar to the ferry terminal. Cleveland is a charming coastal village, so if you have clock time before your ferry passing, be sure to take a walk around, or stop for a harbour-side meal .

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By Car

If you choose to bring your car, Cleveland is merely a 50-minute tug from Brisbane city. You can drive square onto a vehicle ferry. Both Stradbroke Ferries and the Big Red Cat run vehicle ferries on an about hourly basis, from 5.30am until 6pm midweek, and 7pm on weekends. Ferries run between Toondah Harbour at Cleveland, and the Dunwich harbour terminal on Straddie. Simply one phone bid or one e-mail to Straddie Sales Rentals and we will take care of your ferry booking.

And Water taxi

Stradbroke Island is a easy 25-minute water cab travel from Cleveland. It ‘s a dear idea to book ahead, to ensure you are n’t left waiting at the dock, particularly in flower season .
equally well as the vehicle ferries, for those without a car, Stradbroke Ferries and the Stradbroke Flyer are passenger-only water cab that run hourly from 4.55am, until 7.25pm each day. They do take a mid-afternoon break, so be sure to check the timetable. You can join both water taxis at Toondah Harbour. Stradbroke Ferries docks at the Dunwich chief terminal, and the Flyer heads to One Mile Jetty at Dunwich. Always note which terminal to head to on your render trip .

Getting Around

once you ‘re on Straddie, getting round is easy. Stradbroke Island Buses runs regular services from Dunwich to Point Lookout, and offers some services to Amity Point. There ‘s equitable 20km between each of the three main towns on Stradbroke Island. You might besides want to consider hiring a bicycle during your stay .
There ‘s besides a local cab service, which is utilitarian for former night arrivals or departures, or if you ‘re equitable in a haste to get to your Straddie holiday house. The issue is 0408 193 685.

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Useful Websites

so now that you know how easy getting to Stradbroke Island is, why not start perusing your holiday accommodation options. We have plenty of vacation houses desirable for families or couples, and there are even pet-friendly properties. When you ‘re ready to ledger your travel, pay a visit to the come sites. You can of course try and good hop on the string, bus and ferry, but to ensure there are no delays, pre-booking is always recommended. It besides makes it easy for you to time everything absolutely to reach your vacation destination sooner !
Brisbane Airport
Gold Coast Airport
Translink coordinates bus topology, train and ferry services across South East Queensland .
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Stradbroke Ferries
Stradbroke Flyer
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