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Dying your hair is tricky since you are unsure about the result. There are many aspects that one should consider before dying their hair. This is why it is always better to go to a hair expert to get your hair dyed rather than doing it yourself for the best results. A hair expert is aware of what to do before and after coloring the hair. What shades and products will suit your hair texture? How long should the product be in contact with your hair? Since they have been dealing with hair products, they know exactly what is suitable for what kind of hair. If you color your hair at home, it is not an impossible task. However, you need to keep a few prerequisites in mind;

Do Not Shampoo Right Before Dying Your Hair

Make sure you do not wash your hair with shampoo before coloring it or on the same day. It should be a rule of thumb to shampoo your hair at least 24 to 48 hours before you start your color session. The rule is general, regardless of whether you are coloring yourself or getting it from a salon. The idea is to keep the natural protective oil layer on the scalp, which acts as a barrier against any chemicals in the hair dye. It means it will cause less damage.

Keep the Natural Form Of Your Hair

Do not straighten or curl your hair. Do not use any heating tools or any other accessories to shape your hair. Keep the natural form of your hair. The reason is that the light and shadow are reflected differently when the shape of the hair is different. A natural and fresh shape will let the colorist maximize the look. No hair spray or heat protectant should be applied to the hair when you color it.

Get Inspiration

You should keep a picture of what you want to show to your colorist. Telling them beachy blonde is not enough because there is a diverse range of shades and styles. You have to make sure that you and the person coloring your hair have come to a mutual agreement. Your colorist must know what is in your mind so that they can give you the same or the nearest possible look. Colorists get comfortable when you show them an inspirational picture. They become clear on their job. After looking at the photo, your colorist will tell you the possibility and the obstacles. They will let you know if the same look is possible and what the result will be.

Be Patient

Sometimes you need more than one appointment with the colorist. For instance, you need a silvery gray shade on your chocolate strands. It will need more sessions, so you have to be patient. It becomes time-taking when you go more than two shades of your natural hair color. Going from dark to super light needs patience and more than one session. It can be two or three. Achieving the color you want is not that easy. Your hair colorist will do everything to give you the same look. You need to cooperate and be patient.

Be Mindful Of Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary. It might not need a touch-up in months if it’s balayage or ombre. However, if you go from darker shades to lighter ones, you will need to get it touched up every few weeks to maintain it. Your hair brings the natural color as they grow, so you must get a root touch-up every few weeks.

Trends in Hair Coloring

Hair colors are exciting, and the trends keep changing. The current trend is not restricted to blond, copper, and chocolate. People get silvery gray, blue, purple, green, or even peacock hair. These exciting and funky combinations need expertise and care. Hair colorists entertain people with different tastes and preferences. Clients come up with unique expectations and must ensure the nearest possible result. You must also listen to your colorist’s recommendations based on their experience and knowledge. They know what is trending and how to cater to the client’s needs.

You cannot leave everything to your colorist. You must act responsibly and cooperatively to give your colorist the best result. When your colorist asks you for multiple sessions, be patient and trust your colorist since it takes time to go from dark to light. Most of the clients demand light shades or unique funky shades. For such clients, they must take care of the pre-color process. It is difficult to ensure the same shade as the client wants; colorists need cooperation. Any hair colorist who does not follow current trends cannot survive in the market. The competition is high, and clients’ demands are tricky as a client. It is imperative that you adhere to the instructions meted out for the best result.


Hair coloring can be a highly satisfying or dissatisfying thing. One must do everything one can to achieve the best overall outcome. Your hair colorist does everything it takes to bring the same result as you want. You and your hair colorist must be aware of the do’s and don’ts of hair color. The pre-color process also matters if you want good results. People make blunders like washing their hair the same day before applying the hair color. Or they would have some chemical or spray in hair which restricts its natural form.

If you want some trendy and funky shade, it takes time, so do not get upset over your barber or hair colorist and trust the process. Your knowledge cannot match the knowledge and experience of your hair colorist. The primary thing you need to ensure is that your hair colorist is working in a renown barbershop or saloon. Just do the listed things before you get a hair color, leading you to an amazing transformation.

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