“Girl Beheaded in Bathroom” TikTok Is Actually 19-Year-Old Male Criminal
“Girl Beheaded in Bathroom” TikTok Is Actually 19-Year-Old Male Criminal

“Girl Beheaded in Bathroom” TikTok Is Actually 19-Year-Old Male Criminal

A gory TikTok some users are calling the “ girl in bathroom ” television went viral around June 4, 2021. primitively uploaded by @ Mayenggo3, the video recording features an asian daughter dancing before cutting to a person being beheaded. When the video recording starting showing up in “ For You ” pages, users promptly took to social media to warn against watching the television and to urge others to report it.

Although the original TikTok video has been removed and reuploads are being filtered by TikTok ’ s subject moderation system, social media is hush buzzing about the origins and narrative behind the decapitation. many have asked for links to the gory decapitation ( which is available on gore sites like goretoday.com ) in response to warnings, prompting scandalization and shock from fellow users .

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YouTube Coverage and Common Misconceptions

Both outlets covering the viral video and users warning against it have mistakenly claimed that the daughter dance is the lapp person being beheaded. This may be due to the anchoring bias, poor filming timbre of both videos, or the confuse facial features of the second person .

One Distractify article speculates that it ’ randomness either a conserve enraged by a cheat wife or a cartel-motivated murder. Another article by Heavy clarifies that the person murdered is actually male, as indicated by the two killers ’ address. They use spanish words like “ puto ” or “ Pillo ”, which are typically reserved for males .

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In one YouTube update, Plagued Moth identified the decapitate person as 19-year-old José Rodolfo Bellucci Botello. Rodolfo Bellucci ( besides spelled as Rudolfo Bellucci ) was a mexican criminal known for assaulting businesses, robbing homes, and stealing cars. He started his criminal career at the historic period of 15, managing to evade capture or execution respective times before his brutal mangle in February of 2019 .
Screenshot 49

Although originally from Iguala, Guerrero, he was murdered and his cadaver scattered in Cuernavaca, Morelos. It was reported that his torso was found in “ Paso Exprés in the commission of Vicente Guerrero Avenue, in the Maravillas neighborhood ”, while his head and genitals were “ in the Tabachin Street of the Bella Vista neighborhood, a few blocks from the State Attorney General ’ s Office ( FGE ) ” .
bellucci being interrogated at gunpoint
anterior to being murdered, Bellucci was interrogated at point and purportedly confessed to being a function of a police-backed criminal group. The message left alongside his decapitate question and genitals far supports this :

“ Commissioner, given that your team has not worked and, on the contrary, they entirely receive money from all the criminal groups, hera we give you the clue of some of the groups that are extorting money and stealing cars in the city .
The appoint of the headman of this organization is Martin Garcia Arroyo aka El Pillo Alexis Daniel aka the child and this garbage Beyusi, his chief contributors planning larceny and extortion are Oscar Muñoz Sierra, aka black and Payan Rivas Saldivar aka El Rayan, who from the penalty handle all larceny of vehicles and extortion are besides to blame for the death of entrepreneur Carlos Erick Luna Tagle american samoa well as many others. ”

In Bellucci ’ s murder video recording, his killers warn that the lapp will happen to all local extortionists .

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Screenshot 55
Videos of both the question and subsequent decapitate went viral when initially released in February 2019. Although taken down on most platforms, they are hush available on Twitter user @ GuerreroNotici1 ’ south profile.

It ’ south obscure what joining ( sulfur ) @ Mayenggo3 has to Bellucci or their motif ( south ) behind uploading the bait-and-switch TikTok video recording .

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