Meet SEO Entrepreneur James Dooley: A Top-Paid “Digital Landlord”
Meet SEO Entrepreneur James Dooley: A Top-Paid “Digital Landlord”

Meet SEO Entrepreneur James Dooley: A Top-Paid “Digital Landlord”

It ’ randomness no secret that the digital age has changed our lives, and the internet is king. SEO entrepreneur and digital landlord James Dooley knows this better than anyone. Dooley makes his exist, in part, off this new commercialize through what he calls “ digital real estate. ” As sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Google continue to grow in size, it is only natural that more people use them to advertise themselves. That translates to more competition for nowadays ’ second consumers and a greater need for effective strategies that make your brand singular. With search engines like Google being able to access every corner of your life through its algorithm and data analysis, the power of research engine optimization ( SEO ) has never been more crucial. As an technical in this industry, Dooley ’ s mission is to help individuals and brands leverage SEO to gain more traffic and leads on their on-line platforms. After 15+ years in the digital market space, Dooley has developed a alone approach path that makes him one of the best in the diligence. An early on adoptive parent of the internet, Dooley developed a passion for SEO in 2008 when his company tasked him with improving its Google rank. Throughout the project, Dooley studied the Google algorithm and discovered several ways of improving a web site ’ south ranking. Since then, Dooley ’ second work ethic and enthusiasm for the digital space have kept him on lead of the game. Dooley owns multiple on-line companies that help business owners gain a high reelect on investment in their digital market efforts .

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Among other roles, Dooley is the founder and CEO of a full-service on-line digital media and commercialize caller PromoSEO Ltd that deals with node SEO, conduct coevals, consort marketing, web site ranking, and much more. Dooley says that today, every brand wants to be the first one a consumer considers when they want your product, but it ’ s never that dim-witted. Having a web site is the first measure, but that alone is not enough. From his research, over 70 % of websites generate zero inquiries for their businesses. That ’ s quite unfortunate from Dooley ’ s position because he knows leads and inquiries are the lifeblood of any business.

To sort out those issues for businesses, Dooley ’ s ship’s company operates rank-and-rent websites. In essence, the websites act as traditional substantial estate of the realm. Dooley buys up the vane domains, creates quality content for a specific niche, and does all the backend solve required to rank the web site at the top of the search engine results page. Normally, high traffic generates more leads, which local business owners can leverage alternatively of trying to hack node SEO on their own. Dooley leases the optimize websites to local business owners for a monthly tip if they want to have the leads and calls generated on those sites. With constant optimization, Dooley says a digital landlord can make more money than most traditional investments would always bring .
To date, Dooley owns over 300 websites. He has invested, built, and retained over 25M webpages he rents out to businesses for head generation. additionally, Dooley has employed, trained, and mentored over a twelve apprentices in the UK who have gone on to become directors of different companies. Dooley has besides invested in in-house train systems to ensure he achieves his goal of making his core staff millionaires and helping more businesses earn a high ROI .

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